Verified List of Earthquake Response Initiatives for Nepal

Ways You Can Help: Verified List of Earthquake Response Initiatives for Nepal

[Note: Most of the earthquake response initiatives listed below are of emergency response in the immediate aftermath of the earthquake, and unfortunately we do not have the resources to research and revise the lists to include longer term efforts currently underway in Nepal. For the latest on longer term relief efforts in Nepal, please see Nepal Government’s Earthquake Relief Portal ( You can also donate to Nepal Prime Minister’s Relief Fund directly from this portal. Thank you.]

As our country and people struggle to deal with the disaster created by the earthquake on 25 April 2015, we living outside Nepal are also grappling with how best we can help our folks back home, not just our immediate families and friends but common Nepalis, especially those whose voice we do not hear much – people in rural districts for example. We are just beginning to get some indication from outside the Kathmandu valley that the destruction and possibly casualties could be worse. All Nepalis and non-Nepalis who are not in Nepal but care deeply about our country should try to help in any way they can.

Below is a list of Earthquake Response Initiatives ongoing in/for Nepal, and this list is live and will be updated with the most up-to-date information as we get them. Please also suggest any others we might have missed. Some already have their teams on the ground working and are appealing for emergency donations; while others have just started fundraising and thinking about medium and longer term relief. Please help in any way you can and in the way you see fit. We urge you to donate to multiple agencies if you can, even if a small amount – they all need your support to help the people in Nepal.

We have also started to collect information about those on the ground either working with the survivors and/or fundraising to help those in need. Please let us know through the comments or through social media of other local initiatives like these who are working on the ground. We’ll update the list as we get more information. We also urge all the large international relief agencies to help/support these local initiatives so that your emergency relief really gets to the people who are in real need in Nepal.

Please note, we can also help by spreading information from the ground that are verified and verifiable, and not simply spreading rumours and creating panic – both within Nepal and among the friends and relatives outside. Good information is key to effective relief operations on the ground, so please use you network wisely and spread the information that will help in the emergency response and not hinder it. We also urge journalists and others working in media to not only focus their reporting in Kathmandu and other cities but to bring news from those rural districts and villages that have likely suffered the most.

Both lists are compiled primarily by Kumud Rana (@kumpah).

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  1. bp says:

    One of my friends who’s doing his residency forwarded this to me. I do not know how to verify this though.

  2. Xenia Brundin says:

    We are a private company operating in Dhading that are raising funds to support our community to rebuild schools and basic ameniaties like watersupplies. Our focus is for the long run, as no one in our village is seriously hurt (luckily) and people are showing great solidarity and supporting each other. The funds will be distributed in collaboration with the community so it can come to best use.

    We’re raising funds through

    If we qualify for your list we are very greatful, and anyways, thank you for making this list public so that we can find organisations/people to cooperate with.

    Royal Beach Camp Team & Family

    • Thanks, Xenia. We’re currently concentrating on immediate relief efforts but will keep your details for the future. Kumud, one among two of us managing this page, knows a friend in Dhading who has reported of her friends’ houses in nearby localities collapsing. She has a small baby and doesn’t know where to go because her home has cracks on the wall and she doesn’t want to risk staying inside.

  3. Lisa Lyons says:

    Good afternoon,

    We at Educate the Children have been working in Nepal for some 25 years. We are based in Ithaca, NY, USA and Kathmandu (Dillibazaar). We have started a campaign specifically to aid victims of the earthquake in Dolakha District, where we are now working, and in the KTM Valley and Rasuwa/Nuwakot, where we worked in prior years. The website is We will be grateful to be added to your list. Our tax ID number is 16-1383981 and we are a 501c3 non-profit organization as determined by the US Internal Revenue Service. Thank you.

  4. Ramesh Mahat says:

    The 2nd and 17th (both gofundme drives) link is bogus – they are individual donor. Does not go through any checks and balances. Give to recognized institutions that will utilize the money most efficiently.

    • Ramesh-jee, those links are genuine and of the individuals that we trust who are working to raise funds for the relief effort to support the organisations working on the ground. All details are on the website. This is too soon for individuals to have well defined plans. They are going to look for relevant organisations/people to donate to. We are putting them in touch with those we personally know and trust on the ground. Many of the bigger organisations also don’t have a well defined plan and are still doing initial assessments. New things are coming up all the time. Full assessments haven’t been done and might take days. These individual initiatives are to collect funds immediately and disburse them carefully later. Believe us, these people have told us they want to be really sure where their funds go.

    • Anna says:

      About the second one: this is Samaanta Foundation ( Shrochis Karki is Executive Director.

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Looks like Doctors Without Borders also has teams already in (or on the way) to Nepal:

  6. Sujata Rana says:

    Great initiative and much needed! Please let me know what I can do to help with verification of organizations as I currently work in the international development field. Organizations like CARE and Save the Children have a long history (30+ years) of working in Nepal and they will be able to mobilize very quickly.

  7. Hema says:


    Wondering if you have included SAR Dogs Nepal.

    I heard of a Bangalore based agency called ESG India that is raising funds. Please verify them.

    Thanks for putting this together.


  8. Hema says:


    Wondering if you have included SAR Dogs Nepal.

    Could you also pelasr verify ESG India, a Bangalore based group that has put out an appeal?

    Thanks for putting this together.


  9. Alex Marshall says:

    Waves For Water are sending a team out to be on the ground by Thursday with at least 300 clean-­water filtration systems; which can provide up to 30,000 quake victims with access to clean water, almost immediately. Their goal to get as many of these clean­ water filtration systems to ground zero as possible ::

    Charity: Water are also looking for aid to support their local partners :: 100% of donation will reach their local partners on the ground. Some of the partners they work with are Splash and Nepal Water For Health

    Direct Relief is coordinating with the following local and emergency response partners ::

    • thanks for this, Alex. Will add them to the list and also let a facebook ‘volunteer coordination group’ know about them. Will put Charity Water in touch with the Association of Youth Organisations, Nepal. this is much appreciated

  10. Liz Curry says:

    There is a large Bhutanese refugee community in Burlington, VT. Many people mobilized yesterday to create group called Vermont for Nepal to gather donations. Some group members are connected to the Bodhivastu Foundation, which is currently working in conjunction with the Himalayan Light Foundation Nepal to provide relief to the towns of Sankhu and Yolmo in the Kathmandu Valley.

  11. Can you verify these?


    The Mountain Fund, Central Nepal


  12. Deependra Basnet says:

    Please add ‘ISAR Germany – International Search and Rescue’ to the list.

  13. Dana Miller says:

    AmeriCares is raising money to go toward this disaster and reports that they have sent an emergency response team. Please advise if this organization is an appropriate recipient of donations. Thanks.

  14. Round Table Nepal says:

    Biratnagar Prime Round Table No. 10 under the umbrella of Round Table Nepal (Round Table International WOCO) is conducting relief programs in the earthquake affected areas by distributing food, clothing, tarpaulins and basic necessity items . The first phase of relief will be going to Sindhuli area on the 30th Of April.
    Please kindly forward to as many friends and do let us know. We will be conduction continuous relief operations in the affected areas.

  15. randy buckingham says:

    My daughter, her boyfriend & father are all stranded in Manang, Nepal. Thanks for everyone’s efforts.

  16. Kozanecki Gertraud says:

    You may want to add also this organization, which is based in Belgium, to your list. It is a Mobile Hospital, which is stationed in Nepal, not only for the present emergency case. The doctor, who founded it (Dr. Pierre Soete), works since 15 years in Nepal.
    Web site : (in French + short version in English)

    More information is available on the web site.

  17. Please add Direct Relief to the list. We have personnel on the ground doing site assessments with current partners such as One Heart Worldwide and Kathmandu Model Hospital. As well, working with the government and UN cluster system to identify medical materials and medicines most needed. See for more info.

  18. Thanks Mahesh and Kumud,

    Glad for these updates. We at Global Shapers Kathmandu Hub along with Young Global Leader Dr.Tshering Lama and Childreach Nepal are carrying out Nepal Earthquake Relief Support at the most affected area – Sindhupalchowk and other places.

    Please share ––6

    Point of contact –
    Gaurav @ Global Shapers – 9803039750 &
    Mandira @ Childreach Nepal- 9843441035 / 9802095282

  19. Dear all,

    The Art of Living Foundation in Nepal along with our worldwide team have been contributing to all the #NepalEarthquakeRelief efforts

    Our relief work has been happening all across Nepal and in the borders of India as well through many of our volunteers relentlessly volunteering hard day and night on the relief work.

    Please contribute –

    Our Hotline numbers –
    4494500 / 6227400

  20. thanks for efforts to put this together. this is what i had been looking for.

  21. edward says:

    The Gurkha Welfare Trust has the widest presence of any NGO across rural Nepal, and a proven model of rural aid:

  22. Tim Tan says:

    NYC Medics is a global disaster relief organization. We are mobilizing a team of doctors, PAs, nurses, and paramedics (10 in total) to provide direct medical relief. NYC Medics deploys Mobile Medical Teams that access difficult to reach populations in the immediate aftermath of a disaster, provide emergency medical care, and identify sick patients for evacuation. Our team leader is en route now and arrives on April 30th, and the rest of the medical team arrives on May 2nd.

    Please contribute through the following link:

    We are partnering with AmeriCares which is already on the ground (

    We are also hoping to partner with a local organization, Himalayan Helathcare (

  23. Mike Roten says:

    please add to your list. I have just returned from two weeks of work with these people. Nepal is devastated. Any contributions will help and this article is spot on. DO NOT GO.

  24. suman says:

    we started first-aid campain
    since first day
    (basantpur area)
    atleast we have provided aid to 1800 people

    • Could you please provide more details, including contact name & number for your group? Local groups like yours will have a key role to play when external agencies start bringing in the relief.

  25. Kb says:

    Medair is on the ground and working with local partners

  26. Kathy says:

    Why is the Tibet Fund not listed? Do you need info on what they are doing? Thank you

  27. suman says:

    my mobile number is
    basantpur is my hometown
    i am a Scout teacher
    redcross volinter
    bishnumati campain
    comeeti member
    social activist

  28. suman says:

    Seriously, Nepal Government has just made it
    illegal to send relief donations from overseas
    to the needy. Only “legal” way is to deposit
    in Government’s Fund. Every Charity
    organization, NGO & INGOs have to put their
    collection in PM’s Fund. Please correct me if
    am wrong. If right,then it will literally starve
    people to death. Why stop funding people
    who are independently on helping on the
    ground??? Why trust a government that has
    done so little, let people help themselves

  29. delapierre says:

    Je vous fais suivre le mail d un guide avec qui j’ai fait un très au Népal et avec qui je communique.
    Que pouvez vous faire?

    De:”Mankumar puri”
    Date:mer j mai AM à 3:24
    Objet:Re: Bonjour de france

    Bonjour Marie,
    J’espère que tout va bien pour vous.
    Ca fait déjà 11 jours qu’on dort dans la ferme, on va passer encore le moment difficile pareil mais jusqu’à quand on ne sait pas.
    Comme vous savez, le Népal a pris l’aide de plusieurs pays mais les gens affligés ne l’ont pas pris, notre gouvernement est très mal, il fait semble de donner aux gens mais c’est comme rien. Par exemple moi-même, notre petite maison du village s’est cassée totalement et l’appartement ou nous habitions aussi. Masi pour l’instant on n’a rien pris de la part du gouvernement, ca se voit clairement que l’aide de l’étranger c’est pour les gens qui fait la politique, mais ce n’est pas pour les publics qui sont en peine maintenant.
    moi et mes parents attendons toujours l’aider de la part de vous. J’espère que vous parlez de nous dans votre famille, à vos amis, dans le voisin et au bureau pour que vous rassembliez de l’argent pour nous. Cela nous aidera beaucoup pour améliorer notre situation, merci !
    J’attends votre réponse
    A bientôt
    Man Kumar

  30. We are a french- nepali NGO, we made some emergencies actions providing food, tents, medical to nepalis in the very first days after the hearthquake, with permission of the disctricts. We are now beginning some rebuilding projects, with an anti-seismic, inexpensive and eco-friendly technic.

  31. gaurishankar prasad chaurasiya says:

    I like to work in social services organization

  32. #act4quake says:

    You might want to add #act4quake youth team led by Association of Youth Organizations Nepal (AYON). This team has reached more than 200 villages. For more updates

  33. anish shrestha says:

    can u people mention the donations,aid or materials recieved or given in amounts to the nepal government or ingo’s n ngo’s..

  34. Madhavi says:

    Hi Mr.Paudyal, I would like to donate goods(clothes,shoes, utensils etc) Where do I send them?

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