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What should REDD+ safeguards learn from the past ‘safeguarding’ experience in Madagascar?

Graphical abstract

Using an in-depth case study of one of the recent social safeguards implementation carried out to compensate the potential negative impacts due to the creation of a new protected area (which also has a REDD+ pilot project) in the eastern rainforests of Madagascar, we show that the identification of the PAPs was severely flawed. We found that many of the households who should have been identified as PAPs were not identified; while local elites and those households easily accessible to the outside accessors had much higher probability of being identified as PAPs. Given that recent COP21 in Paris has endorsed REDD+ as one of the main instruments in mitigating climate change and with safeguards still a major contentious issue within REDD+, our study highlights major problems within the implementation of safeguards in poor developing countries that must be dealt with if programs like REDD+ are to benefit the ‘right’ people. The graphical abstract below attempts to visually summarise our study.

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