Using GitHub repo as part of journal paper submission

I have been using GitHub to collaborate/share data analysis (and a bit of writeup) with my co-authors/collaborators for the last year or so. As most journals now require (or at the very least recommend) submitting original data used in the analysis, alongside the relevant scripts/codes, during the manuscript submission process, I thought it was easiest simply to submit the persistent link to the GitHub repository containing all the data and the scripts/codes used in the analysis and visualisation as part of the manuscript submission.

Writing and publishing about the research process

As academic researchers we mostly worry about research ‘outcome’ as in ‘result’ — because that is what gets written about and published.1 However, it might take years sometimes to fully see the outcome of your research, especially when you are talking about impacts through Action Research, action that relates to changing institutions and social behaviours. I was involved in one such ‘Action Research’ while working in Sweden. Although we were only just beginning to see signs of impact of our research actions after more than two years of engagement, we decided to not just wait for it to manifest fully but to write about it, and try to get it published.