Doing field research in Madagascar

Since September 2013, I’m working as a researcher in the ESPA-funded P4ges project.1 After almost a year in the project and on my third field trip to Madagascar, I now feel I should share my field experiences from this project here as blog posts. This is just a preamble for what will hopefully be a series of posts about doing field research in Madagascar — primarily about conducting socio-economic surveys at the household level in rural Madagascar.

Conducting household surveys in the hilly terrian is not easy, especially when the households are too far apart.

The posts will be based on my personal experiences for the most part and I am not going to focus too much on theoretical ideas here (although I will occasionally if I feel necessary). I hope my experience will be helpful to those wishing to carry out similar research here in Madagascar and in other developing countries. For official project updates and blogs by other researchers involved in the project, head over to the project news pages here.

  1. I pronounce it as the Pages project, but our Malagasy colleagues seem to prefer calling it the P-4-ges project. ^
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